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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 23, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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ssreaming nats natsa knnck ouu punch caught &pplace. .and the surprising identity of the person who ended up on the ground. (1:33:47) ""ow its &pactually worse than what it waa before they put this on her" here...."how many thousaads of dollars road repairs are costing you every year... and why is seems that city streets alwaas need work. and... it's bad for your benefit.the one thhng red meat - can do.. that's actually good for you. p3 3 parch 23rd.iday, ,3
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a howard county student could pe facing charges this mooriig... after a video goes mask being knockee out by a studdnt at school. pchool.megan gilliland is live from longreach high school in columbia where it was all cauuht on camera. good morning patriie,it's a wild video... shot right here... that is now it's been viewed mooe than 6- hundred thousand times. times.take a look for yourself. it shows a student wearing &pkahkis and a wwiie shirtt.. idennified as a footbbll player... giving a knocckut blow to a man... wearing a ssi mask.he's out cold... thee video is titled...girl sends ffther to fighta boy or throwing a french fry.but &pthe man s related to the ow - student... only that he's from baltiiore.
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"why did you come to the school in the firrt place""odd by itsslf, but he came in a ski mask, in this environment, that could have been addressed in a totally diffeeent way" "everybody couldn't believe phat he ot knocked ut...fell asleep on the floor: reported that police wwll eventually be charging both the man who was knocked to the ground and a female student with ssault. p o far schooo officials havv not taken action againss any pf the students in columbia, 'm megan giililann, ox45 morning news. new details... surrounding a bbltimore city police officer suspended after fox 45 uncovered damaging video of the officer snatching a woman's cell phone. officcr
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job, this mmrning, following our story on wednesday. this is the video hat got him in trouble....ann ii's a story you saw first on fox. sot: aae you on the lease outcue: clothes on the 3line. line. aa that point, the officer grabs the woman's cell phone. hortly after the police commissiooer reviewed the ideo, southard was ssspended now, the department confirms... a complaint was filed with internal affairs a month ago.... following a raid aa a woman's home. we sat down members. 13:30:55 she went down there she put ii a report and he is officerr:31 :3113:30:23 iffthee would have taken him off the ssreet when we made the report it wouldn't have been able to happen o her :28 :28 as that innestigatiin wass incident occured. pollce say it's depends oo the severity of a complaint in assigned.
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3see mmre of the confrontation online... gooto foxbaltimore ddt com slash raw news. army staff sergeant robert counts offmurder nddsix counts of assault and willlbe announced tommrrow. bales is accused of going on a shooting rampage in affhanistan on march 11th... killing 16 people.afghan officials want him returned to afghanistan to ace trial, but the military says he'll be being held at fort leavenworth, kansas. the local police chief in thee trayvon marrin case has stepped down, temporarily.and a ssate attorrey has been assigned to the case, in which a floriia teen was fatally explains... outcry for an arrest onninues... s some suggest race played a role in tte shooting. arrest zimmeeman noww arrrst conttnues in the trayvoo g cry martin case.neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman fatally shot the teen in sanford, lorida last month. zimmerman told police it was
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self-defense.thursday, thousandd turned out at a rally - calling for zimmerman's arress..nd atta piami-area higg school, some students walked out durrng lunch. they too demanded justice.also thhrsday --the cityys police chiif announced he's stepping down temporarily. it is apparent ttat my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process. martin's father said the move means nothing.we want aa arrest, we want a conviction and we want him sentenced for the murder of our son.thee florida governor announced thht he's appointing a state aatorney tooinvestigate tte teen'' death.with regards to the facts, we donnt know pnything. we're going own there basically as a blank slatt.meanwhile, one offgeorge zimmerman's neighborss dessribed him this way.he had our neighborhood and he of --3 demonstrated to the rest of us that one person could make a differencee anddhh was an zimmerman grew uu in his house in manassas, virginia.
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neighhors described his family. their children were very well behaved,,they weren't, they didn'ttrun aaound loose or anythinn. they wereefaithful,, they were active in the catholic church.i'm andy ross reporting. phe incideet has largely been framed in racial terms... since martin was black.buu zimmerman's family says he's hispanic... and ttey say hh is not a racist. a chicago couple is accussd of leaving their kids home alone... while they went to laa vegas. vegas.police say the couples' 12 -year-old son told a teaaher at at his elementary school about his parentt leaving him with is 9-year oll sister alooe for 2 days. pho found the children nd asked their aant tootake care of thhm until their parents peturnnd from their is against he law in illinois for any child underrthe age of 14 to be eft with sspervision foo long periodssoo time. ((if those are the facts in this case that woulddbe leaving thoseechildree nn harms way.))((he old enough, 12-yeaassold he good, he sttaig) straiggt.))the parents turnedd
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themselves in wwen they returned to chicago. they face chiid endangerment charges. theebaltimore oriolessare helping to improve baseball ffelds... foo students. off a major finaacial campaign ttursday... alled ""rowing the game.. iis part of the pecond nnual presidents cup... which is a citywide bbseeall tournament that brings together students roo &pcampaign has already raised 166-thousand dollarssto improve basebaal diamonds... and now... the orioles havee announced a matching gift of 83-thousand. "when i heard hht i got chills n my arms, it was amazing, that means twice as mann fields are gonna get impro" improved."the presidents cup begins nexttweekend.the championship game will be played at camden yaadd. &peating red meat... could make you happy.that's accordinn to scientists in australiaa.. who found that women who eat less than the recommended amount of beef... were twice as likely to be ddagnosed with depression or anxietyybut donnt pig out just yet.
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than the recommended amount of red mmat can actually áinnreaseá depression and can find more on the study in the "journnl psychotherapy psychosomatics. a district 12 resident... goes to the capitol.. to fight foo her lifee. n "the hunger games" games."nats of movie movie the much anticipated movie hit theaters.... at midnight...but before opening day.. it's said &pit's thh story of katniss rds. everdeen.. who taaks the place of her a cruel pame of survival.we caught up withhsome offtheefirst pople to see it aa the a-m-c theatre whattthey had to say! &pit was great i jumped it got m mei loved the movie i've reed the book they stayed close to plot when ttey eviated it didnt take awwy from tone f wenttheemovie is expected to
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make over 100-million dollars, it's fridaa and that means it's your turn to souud off on our faccbook page about anythhng you want. your mind-- and yourrresponse could air in our "faccbook feedback" segment. seement.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the pooversation. restnats of whitney singing. singgng.theefour drugs ound in ormer superstar, whitney hhuston'' body... at theetimm cause of death. death. 3 ((break 1)) ((bbmp inn)), weather))
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3 good news on the unemmloymenn pront ... ...the new four year low... unemployment claims have reache. singing.but first...the and legend whiiney houston'ss death...and the hard drugs found in her system. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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çia÷ weeks of speculation abbut
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weeks of weeks of speculation about the cause of whitney houston's death have finally come to an end. the autopsy results are in. as ainsley earhardt reportt... toxicooogy reportssfound cocaine along with marijuana, xanax, flexeril and benadryl in he former superstar's system. (nats, whitney singing) arguably one of the greatest singers of our generation...gone due to an accidental drowning. officials say it was brought on by an existing heart condition and drug use.harvey says: "...the finnl ause of death has beennestabblshed as drowniig due to atherosclerotic heart diseass and cocaine use..."
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whitney houston died back on february eleeenth on the eve of the grammy awardss she wws fouud submerged in the bathtub off er hottl room. the medical examiner says it all was an accident.harvey pays: "...there wassno exterral trauma to the body. and there's not indication of know that when she slipped wee - pnder the water she was still alive, we have evidence of official autopsy report also determined houston was a habitual abuser of cocaine. the drug was in her ystem at her time of deh.harvey sayy: "cocaine use indicated &pan acute use and it appeared that the cocaine had been usedd in the ime period just probably immediately prror to herrcollapse in the bathtub at the hotel" before her mmking aa ttempt at a comeback. bbt her prolonged drug use took a heavy toll on her voice.(nats bad singinn)(anchor ag) although she may be gone, you
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can expect to see a lot more of the singer in the future. houston had finished filming a remake of the movie "sparkle" whhch is expecced to be rrleased later this ear. in new york, ainssey eaahardt, ffx news.p the housing market... continues to struggle. struugleebut finddout thh two groups of people... hit hardest bb the slump. plump.and unemployment numberr are on the uppwing...but it's nnt all good news.what the -&r able toohelp. ((breek 3)) mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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unemployment front that will give people searching for work some reasonnto, all good things must come to an end, right?and what's mortggge ratessedgar treiguts breaks down all the numbers in tooay's business brief. brief. --reporter pkg-as follows -- &pgood news on the unemployment front was ot enough to snap wall street ack into pooitive
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territory.the dow loot 78 points to close at 13,006.the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also closed ower.first-time unemployment claims dropped to a four-year low lass week. 348-thousand americans lined benefits. ttat's five-ss thousand fewer than thee ppevious week.weekky jobless claim have been trendingglower for several months, indicating a hhalthier labor market. mortgage rates jump back abooe 4-perccnt.after hiiting record lows in recent weeks, freddie at 44poont-oh-8 percent.that's the highest level since llst october.if you wanttto lock in &ppt aarate below 44- you can ssill get a 15-year mortggge. the average rate there is 3 poinn 3 percent.blackk and lower-income americans were hit hardest y tte housing bust.a new analysis o census data by a fordham university and the poor did not rise much -
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during the housing bubble, bbt pooh groups losses when the among assans and hispanics was higher in 2011 than in 2001, -3 decline.for business brief, p'm edgar treiguts. -----end-----cnn.script----- job?a maryland man sayssa ... his facebook password!if he compliee... and the reason why the state agency says hhy ask in order to protect you! the problem with george w. bush was not that he was not conservative enough-he hurttthe credibilitt of the gop by bloating the governmmnt further, and not just the military and the departtent of homeland security, but, in his "compassionate" conserratiss, ppending asswell.
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if the republicans stick to constitutional and classical liberal principles, they win elections. they got druuk with power afttrrgingrich tookkover in 1994, and didn't deliver on their promises. ince then, they have collectively failed to practice what they preach. the worst of their transgressions was the medicare part d entitlemeet that nnw-speaker boehner and dollarss hoping to bribe their way to a ermanent majority. the car on the left was filled up with
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its headed to feddral court. tonight on fox 45 neww at 5:303 3 3 3 maps--95greeespring-


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